Art Quilt Elements
AQE 2024 Artist

Eleanor Levie



Art Quilt

21” x 44″


Award Winner: The Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Award

It starts from a calm base: an organized plaid and two slim bands of verdant mini dots. From there, my composition ascends to an upholstery fabric remnant, over-printed and stenciled with intertwined brambles that spill out over the top and sides. Even in a bright spot, circles of abaca and plastic mesh seem to unravel in spiraling thread tails. This jumble of layered entanglements epitomizes much of my quilt art and captures the terrifying complexity of today’s world. Politics deteriorate, war decimates, global warming seems unsolvable. I am lucky to find stress relief in surface design and thread play, my art therapy… meanwhile hoping that all may find more bright spots in our lives.