Art Quilt Elements
AQE 2022 Artist

Mary Ann Tipple


Paisley Parkwood

Image by James Tipple Printed on Fabric, Buttons, Gears, Lace and Zippers. Hand and machine stitched.

33” x 55″


My nephew James posted a photo of a rusty car he was selling on Facebook. I was inspired to refurbish it into a steampunk beast of a car. Since the pandemic has confined us to stay at home I have embraced all sorts of handwork, reveling in the solitude of quiet meditative work. I broke out the clock gears, zippers, lace and buttons, inspired by the music of Ravi Shankar, paisley fabric appeared and just plain fun ensued.
Image by James Tipple printed on fabric, buttons, gears, lace and zippers, hand and machine stitched.